Q. Who is HardCover?

A. HardCover Products Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company whose mission is to provide high quality medical devices and healthcare products to institutions and organizations that espouse safe sex practices, and serve as a channel for disseminating contraceptive products to youth and adults.

Q. Why is the HardCover brand not sold in drugstores?

A. Our primary distribution channels are local and national government institutions and organizations, which promote the use of condoms through outreach programs conducted at clinics, schools, walk-in clinics, doctors’ offices, and even on the streets at bar hops. In fact, over 50 million HardCover Condoms™ have been distributed through these channels since 1993.

These are just some of the institutions and organizations that distribute HardCover Condoms™:

Q. Where can I buy your condoms?

A. While we do not sell direct to the public, HardCover Condoms™ are available in limited distribution at select adult entertainment retail stores, sex shops and online. Contact the Public Health Department or AIDS Committee in your community and ask for the HardCover brand.

Q. Why are they called HardCover Condoms™, are they actually hard?

A. No, they are not hard. Our tongue and cheek brand name implies that our latex condoms are designed to cover something hard.

Q. What’s unique about HardCover Condoms™?

A. We offer a large variety of condoms for passionate people who want to add some excitement while playing it safe – so in addition to our regular latex non-lubricated and lubricated condoms, we offer coloured and flavour scented latex condoms that are lubricated.

Q. Where are HardCover Condoms™ manufactured?

A. HardCover Condoms™ are produced in Malaysia – one of the world’s largest natural latex producers.

Q. Are HardCover coloured and flavour scented condoms considered novelty condoms?

A. No. All of our condoms, whether plain, coloured or flavour scented are manufactured to meet and exceed the highest Canadian and international standards, whereas novelty condoms are not. In fact, novelty condoms are not permitted to make any statements on the packaging suggesting that they are effective in preventing STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) or pregnancy. When used in accordance with the instructions, HardCover Condoms™ are highly effective in preventing pregnancy and reducing the risk of contracting STIs and HIV - the virus that causes AIDS. No contraceptive can guarantee 100% effectiveness.

Q. How do you determine if a condom measures up to regulatory standards?

A. There are several tests that HardCover™ condoms are subjected to. For example, in a typical sample batch, if more than two out of 315 condoms that undergo a water leak test fail to prevent leakage, the batch is rejected. In addition, condoms distributed in Canada and internationally must consistently exceed air bursting volumes and pressures of 17 litres and 1.0 Kpa without exploding during testing. HardCover Condoms™ rate very high, with bursting volumes typically around 33 - 35 litres and bursting pressure of approximately 2.0 Kpa.

Q: Who tests your condoms and are all condoms tested the same way?

A. Our condoms are tested at our manufacturing facility, and by independent accredited laboratories. All of our condoms are subject to electronic testing on the production line prior to being sealed in individual foils. Once sealed, random samples from each lot are subjected to a variety of tests, in accordance with Canadian standards.

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